This blog: an explanation

What's it all about

The second opinion tribune is a site where current news stories get a second opinion. The initial reactions a story gets on news sites are often of the knee jerk variety. After these have been delivered, the news moves on to the next story. This blog provides an opportunity to have second thoughts about the news.

The links in the text

The texts are peppered with links. Sometimes they link to relevant pages on wikipedia or other explanatory pages but they will also often link to relevant media on Amazon. These links are always relevant and hand picked so the books, dvd's or other media will have a bearing on the subject they are linked from.

Comments welcome, but...

Keep it civil. Try and express your second opinion about the subject of the post or the post itself in a well mannered way. People are much more likely to listen to you if you express yourself calmly. All comments are moderated before they are put on the site.


After the first flurry of articles went up to give the blog a kick start there will be a regular updating schedule. Every Wednesday and every Friday a new article will appear. Of course you can subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you don't miss a post.

Above all, enjoy the articles and feel free to have your own second thoughts about the news,

- Henk