Friday, August 27, 2010

An Introduction

Today sees the start of a new blog. Not a remarkable occurrence in a blog-flooded world. After a self-derogatory sentence like that, you expect a sentence starting with "But..." or "However...". That sentence will not appear. There is no excuse for launching a new blog. There is no redeeming reason. There is just the unadulterated, relentless lust to write and publish. Call it editorial vomiting.

To give the blog a slight reason to exist it will try and make you - if not laugh out loud - at least chuckle. Or that may even be too bold an objective. It will try and make the left corner of your mouth lift just a teensy-weensy bit. It may even make that same corner of your mouth quiver, just for a second. If this blog achieves that, it has done its job.

Heaven forbid any lofty goals for this blog. After all it is a one in many million blog. In a bid to make its existence a little more worthy though, it will have to make an effort at something resembling profundity. To achieve that it will look behind the hypes that rule the Internet - from world news hypes to YouTube-cat-video hypes - and try and have a second opinion about them. Usually this blog will try and make you see the ridiculousness of the hype. That is as lofty as it gets.

Lets raise our glasses to the launch of a new blog! Hurray and three cheers. And onwards to sweet oblivion!

- Henk

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  1. congrats! Keep it lofty - and laugh at the hypes.
    Bon Voyage to the 2ndoptrib