Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sleep safely at night, ET-nanny is watching over us

In this story on AOL news, former US airforce officers claim that back in 1967 UFO's were responsible for disabling nuclear missiles. 10 missiles went from operational to unlaunchable while UFO's hovered over the base. Of course the officers were sworn to secrecy - rather unnecessary as they already operated on 'above top sectret' level - and the whole incident never happened as far as officials were concerned.

The Second Opinion Tribune has a healthy dose of sceptics elixir mixed in with the virtual ink with which its stories are written. So to say that we at TSOT believe in everything we read would be overstating the facts. However we at TSOT also have a healthy dose of imagination. And we love to speculate on 'what if' scenarios.

So, what if this report is true. What if ET decided to play nanny and put a stop to our mucking about with military toys that are way beyond the level of our mental development. After all, the way we play with weaponry is a bit like letting a 4 year old play in a muscle car with the engine running.

Of course the military takes the view that anything unidentified entering its bases should be shot at first and asked questions of later. Or rather, shot at, buried and never talked to or about ever more. But I think that if this story is true it may be the best news in centuries: ET is watching over us! We may muck about as much as we like but when the 4 year old threatens to launch the muscle car into traffic causing an almighty wreck, ET-nanny will turn the key and switch off the engine before it is too late.

We at TSOT don't believe in God but we do believe that with many billions of star systems beyond our little moon, the idea of little green men roaming the galaxy has a far greater chance of being a reality. So let's believe this story if only to be able to sleep peacefully at night. Safe in the knowledge that even if we have only just outgrown our monkey brains and still behave like primitive beasts at times, nanny will prevent us from making too much of a mess of things. Even if she only does it to prevent her the extra work of having to mop up after us.

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  1. Coherente el escrito .Pero me pregunto , No seran esos hombres verdes o la Niñera , el mismisimo Dios ? hmmm