Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bill Gates at TED and how got it wrong

Scanning Google news my eyes fell on a remarkable headline: "Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population." I clicked the link and it brought me to the site and I read the piece.

It left me astounded! That a link on Google news could lead me to such utter nonsense. What deducted from Bill Gates' speech at TED was that he and the world's health organisations are planning to cull 10 to 15 % of the world's population to get the CO2 emissions down. I could not believe that Bill Gates, one of the greatest philanthropists in human history has an evil plan like that up his sleeve. So I decided to watch the TED talk by Bill Gates. And this proved that may have a brain behind it but they forgot to switch it on in this instance. based their conspiracy theory on one element of Gates' speech. Bill Gates showed an equation which described CO2 output. The equation is: CO2=P x S x E x C wherein P is people, S is services per person, E is energy used to create and power these services and C is the amount of CO2 produced per unit of energy.

Bill Gates went on to state that to get the CO2 to zero, which is the target for us to be able to survive, one of the factors needs to go to zero. He spent a short time per factor to explain what they were and where these factors were heading, ending on a long talk about the last factor, CO2 which was the main hub of his talk.

Obviously the factor 'people' is going up. We're at 6.6 billion and heading towards 9 point something billion. What Bill Gates then said is what got in a twisted knickers situation and I paraphrase: healthcare and vaccines may get the world population growth down to 8 point something billion. From which deducted that Bill Gates and health care organisations are planning to cull 10 to 15 % of the population on earth. But that is not at all what he is saying. What he is saying is that people in poor areas where child mortality is high tend to have large families (something professor Jeffrey Sachs explained). So improve the living conditions and general health of people and the population reduces on a voluntary basis.

The problem is that a headline like the one NaturalNews chose, in which it is inferred that there is a large conspiracy to cull human beings, catches the eye and tickles the imagination. Further thought is drowned in the fear mongering of publications like this. While what is really the case is that hyper intelligent people like Bill Gates and many others (just watch some TED talks to become convinced) are becoming more and more aware that humanity needs to change its ways, that humanity can change its ways and that humanity is willing to change its ways. These thinkers are the leaders to follow, not the nincompoops at publications like Shame on them!


  1. Good afternoon!

    I'm Kevin Hayden, the editor of where you left a brief comment regaring Bill Gates' agenda for population control.

    I beg to differ, but some of the wealthiest (and smartest) people on this planet have been looking for ways to reduce the population for decades. Let's start with John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar -

    John P. Holdren, Barack Obama's top science advisor co-authored a book in 1977 in which he advocated mass sterilization using the food and water supply, mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children, forced abortions for American couples trying to have too many children and a global police force to enforce population control. The book was
    entitled, 'EcoScience'.

    The United Nations posed the question, "what would it take to rapidly decrese fertility in the least developed countries?" Their answer? Vaccines that harm the reproductive system.

    Polysorbate 80, a common ingrediant in processed foods and dairy products is also used for "intentional fertility impairment vaccines." Coincidence? Strange.

    “Instead of mass murdering quickly and compassionately, putting squalene in today’s swine flu vaccines assures populations will suffer chronically and painfully for life, assuming people survive the viral recombinants in the vaccine.”

    -Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH. DNM, DMM

    Award winning author and public health expert

    And let us not forget about the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainble Development plan. It, too, calls for massive cuts in the population numbers.

    And last but not least, we have this little diddy from the World Bank...

    World Bank Threatens “Drastic Steps Necessary” if Nations Refuse Population Reduction Implementation

  2. If, as you say, the wealthiest and smartest people in the world planned to reduce the population since the 70's we would see the results already. Instead what we see is a massive increase in the world's population.

    Apart from that: the fact remains that the earth can not sustain a population as we have today, let alone an even larger one. I am not suggesting the mass murder of humans but I do believe in what Jeffrey Sachs says, which is, make the poorest less poor and the population will stabilise and even decrease. There are less Dr.Evil-like ways of controlling population and I think the wealthiest and smartest people in the world are looking at those ways first.

    As to your quotes: to call for population control is not to call for mass murder or infertility programs. To say that the swine flu (which was an overblown hype by the way) vaccines contained elements that cause infertility is in no way surprising but just coincidence. If you take a look at all the stuff you eat these days and break them down chemically, there are far worse products you consume on a daily basis. We, as a species, are poisoning ourselves pretty effectively without the help of conspiracy theories.

  3. Where does anyone get off gunning down God. Who has the audacity to control and determine fertility? The evil is in stealing those meant to be here to fulfill God's purposes.
    What you do not see past the green blindfold, is Satan's agenda. Destroying the influx of those who would be God's children. Those who would threaten his existence.
    Would God not create an earth bountiful enough for his people? WHO is telling us about overpopulation and Global warming? Al Gore? John P Holdren? The United Nations? Bill Gates? The media? Do they not benefit greatly from the fear they instill, the division?
    The first part of the agenda was to make God unconstitutional. God does not fit in with socialism and radical environmentalism.
    The web of deceit is vast, the battle line has been drawn and it is man is pitted against one another bickering about right to life versus natural resources. Should life be allowed? and under what conditions? This is the future we are facing because of the ignorance of those who fail to seek the truth and accept the popular consensus. Many of you are unknowingly embracing the beast, some knowingly.
    One can always argue the opposite,that Overpopulation & global warming is indeed the BIGGEST conspiracy theory there is!

  4. @mycraigsitems-4sale You seem to forget you are only human. As such you do NOT know the truth of anything other than that one and one makes two (and even that is open to discussion). In my view your blind faith in God and your irrational fear for the Devil are exactly the attributes that are holding much of humanity back in becoming a truly magnificent being. It stops you from seeing passed the easy solutions of conspiracy theories and hype, as you have become used to be told your version of the truth from the pulpit, which is steeped in allegory and myth. You have stopped thinking for yourself. I do not begrudge you your faith but if you base your comments on faith instead of real thought, do not expect me to think anything other of your comments than that they are to be dismissed out of hand.

    And again (maybe you should read the article?): Bill Gates did NOT propose to control population in any devious ways, neither did I. The fact however remains that we are too many for this earth to support and solutions have to be found. These solutions can be found in other areas than population control, as that solution is too controversial (clearly). THAT is what Bill Gates indicated: He listed the problem areas, checked off the ones that were impossible or too hard to solve and finished on expounding the one that DID offer a solution. Which was an alternative energy supply. NOT population control.